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Affichage des articles du août, 2015

GUADEC 2015 was awesome!

I went to GUADEC 2015 which was help in Gothenburg between friday 08/07 and wednesday 08/12, here is what I did there. Deserved thanks First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the organizers of this GUADEC, they made an amazing job! =) I also would like to thanks the GNOME Foundation, the GNOME Travel Committee and the persons volunteering to work for this committee as I wouldn't have been able to attend the conference without their sponsorship. Volunteering I volunteered to help during this GUADEC and it was a great experience. I only had few work to do as there was a ton of volunteers, all I did is to help cleaning the rooms and to be in charge of presenting the speaker, filming its talk and give him a gift for two talks on sunday. Being able to see the Beamer theme I wrote used was quite pleasing too. =) The core days On Friday Alexander Larsson's talk on xdg-app got me really excited about this big shift the Linux desktop is taking, Emmanu

Adding a list view to Boxes

A list view was a requested feature for Boxes, I decided to commit myself to implement this during this GSoC. March: exploring the idea I started working on adding a list view to Boxes in march 2015. By that time, the expected columns for the list view where: the thumbnail; the machine's name; a system monitor; the machine's IP; the OS' icon; an icon to display show a favorite machine. Implementing such a view using libgd's MainView (the same widget responsible of the icon view) required me: to learn how to write a custom GtkCellRenderer for the system monitor; to find how to get a machine's IP adress; to find how to OS icons are retrieved in Boxes. Unfortunately, I had to pause the implementation of this feature to focus on my studies. July 6–12: designing the list view I joined a chat on Google Hangout where Alan Day, Jakub Steiner and Zeeshan Ali on july 8th. During this talk, Zeeshan stated its desire to stop using l

Writing a custom spinner

What are spinners A spinner is a widget in charge of displaying some indefinite amount of activity via a spinning circle-ish image. They use de "spinner" style class and are visible when the "active" state flag is set. Turning a widget into a spinner Turning a widget into a spinner is pretty simple, just add the "spinner" style class to the widget's style context! But now your widget is probably invisible, and that's normal: as said just before, spinners are drawn only if they have the "active" state flag on, just set your widget's state flags and you're done! Now, depending on the widget you make spin you may have very different results. If your widget is a GtkImage, it will start spinning as if it was a spinner itself, funky results (and vomit) guaranteed! All the other widgets I tested (GtkLabel, GtkBox, …) don't change (they are visible and they don't spin). If you want to render a spinner on an