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Affichage des articles du février, 2016

GNOME Games 3.20 development

The last semester was quite crazy for me as I had to work restlessly for my studies, which let me very little time to work on GNOME Games. That being said that doesn't mean nothing happened in Games land! Here is what to expect in the next versions of Games. What will be new in 3.20 GNOME Games 3.19.90 just came out and brought with him some changes. Besides several small bug fixes, Games have been refactored, polished and hardened to be ready to receive more important features on the next release. Plugins This is the biggest feature that have been added in this cycle. Game formats in Games are handled by providing several types to handle them: a Game to represent the games of that kind, a GameSource to list the games of that kind ( GameSource is a Game factory), other classes could be added if necessary such as a Runner to run the games or a widget to display and control the games in the application's window. Currently a game source gives its games,