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Affichage des articles du juin, 2014

GSoC 2014 report 1

Week #1 I started my work on Boxes on June's 2nd. This first week served as a transition from my examinaton period to the GSoC. I had some unfinished work from my application period: two bugs to solve. The first one was #726252 - Refactor topbar's children into separate classes/modules The patches were pretty much finished but they were not perfect, all they required was some love. It took me time to transition my mind from the student mindset to a more engineering one, but hopefully, the patches were accepted at the end of the week. The second one was #692383 - Allow editing of box name in the tite Just as for the first bug, I had patches ready but not perfect, and they were dependent on work done for the first bug. As it took me time to correct the patches for the first bug, I let this one aside. My project is to add multi-monitor support to Boxes, so I also took time to read Boxes' code, especially the App, AppWindow, Display and Machine classes as they