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Affichage des articles du août, 2016

GUADEC 2016 and the Butterfly Effect

Between August 10th to 17th included, I went to the nice city of Karlsruhe for GUADEC 2016. The Trip to Karlsruhe I arrived the 10th at 11 P.M. to Karlsruhe's train station after a 9 hours train trip, it was the first time I visited Germany and by night the city was calm and fresh which was nice after such a trip. Before going to the room I rented for the night I made a small detour to meet some gnomies as they were going out of their restaurant, it was nice to see some familiar faces again. :) The Training Workshops: Discovering GStreamer The 11th I participated to the GStreamer training workshop held by Olivier Crête, it was a really pleasant experience and I hope there will be more workshops during the next GUADECs! The Core Days This year again there were plenty of interesting talks, I won't give details as you can see them by yourself online ... That being said, I helped filming some of these talks which was an interesting experience and I am eager to help