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Affichage des articles du octobre, 2015

Games 3.18.0 released

Do you like video games but don't like how inconsistent and annoying it can be to enjoy them on a personal computer? Then read on, I have something for you! And if you're not such a gamer, you'll probably learn fun things in the article nonetheless. In this article I'll present you the new GNOME application called Games , whose first preview version (labelled 3.18.0) just came out. Your games library Video games on personal computers exist in lots of shapes and formats, each of these being accessible in very different ways: games installed from Software are found alongside the applications, Steam games are listed in the Steam client, video game consoles and retro computers games are handled as ROM files, disk images or archives, each one playable with a different application depending on the original platform, some game engines have their games distributed as packages that have to be run with the cor