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Affichage des articles du décembre, 2016

GNOME Core Apps Hackfest 2016

This November from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 was held in Berlin the GNOME Core Apps Hackfest . My focus during this hackfest was to start implementing a widget for the series view of the Videos application , following a mockup by Allan Day. To make this more interesting, I implemented this view using Emeus , Emmanuele Bassi's new in-development constraints based layout system for GTK+. You can find the (clearly unfinished) result here: . I will keep working on it with Victor Toso who did some initial prototype last year . Working at the hackfest was a great experience, interaction with the other contributors was face to face which helps a lot strengthening GNOME as a community. 😃 Thank a lot to Kinvolk and Collabora for helping to make this hackfest a great event!